Which comments by Frowner were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-08-16So how do I track my books?
2021-08-09Seeking fashion resources for tomboyish NB AMAB person
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2021-07-12Would you repurpose this wedding band?
2021-07-07Are there any dating apps that don't require serious time commitment?
2021-07-06book recommendations: modern retelling of ancient people
2021-07-05Boundaries for unintentional boundary-crossers
2021-06-22Perspective and Permission
2021-06-15You did what? Coping with youth risk taking
2021-02-24Should I get the vaccine right now?
2021-01-29Why is my 1-yr old cat suddenly so ravenous??
2021-01-26Help with home security
2021-01-20Don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing
2021-01-11"Your typical ""can't rely on a functioning healthcare system"" anxiety"