Which comments by andrewesque were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-19Changing non-refundable to refundable on United
2021-11-30"Do we need a ""video-observed"" PCR test to enter the USA?"
2021-10-26Recommendation for contemporary French lit
2021-10-02What information could I find out about my building in Chicago?
2021-09-23COVID travel, this time, Amtrak NE Corridor
2021-07-18Can you recommend vacations by train from NYC (not Philly, Boston, DC)?
2021-07-10When should you write the subject line of an email?
2021-04-06Taught not Learned: Correcting Someone Else's Word Choice
2021-03-06Practicing Mandarin pronunciation with speech-to-text
2021-02-25Sprawling, adventuresome novels with a strong sense of place
2021-02-09Online Japanese OCR is failing with this brief printed text from 1800...
2021-01-25What are the weirdest nonstop flights?
2021-01-03Can I eat this? Room temperature pork edition