Which comments by SPrintF were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

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2021-12-11A Danger to Themselves and Others--Until
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2021-10-04Tripping the Lighthouse Fantastic
2021-08-27Trekking poles instead of canes?
2021-08-21Shopping list items for a type 2 diabetic with a sweet tooth?
2021-08-13"what do I do with a QR ""Personal Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record """
2021-07-13Non-slip bathtub mat recommendations, please!
2021-05-14What can I do to seem like I care about my job during my last month?
2021-05-02Help a kid get better at sports
2021-04-19California dreamin' (or specifically, San Diego)
2021-02-07What to do about old grief?
2021-01-24Starting to eat low carb - what is normal?