Which comments by TheAdamist were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-22Should wages change when a part-time position becomes full-time?
2021-08-04Can I drink it?
2021-07-22Info on getting another vaccine after 2 jabs of Astra Zeneca?
2021-07-19New computer, same monitor?
2021-06-18Ship a 400 lb package to be held for pickup in Laredo
2021-05-04Temporary WIFI solution if you don’t have a mobile hotspot?
2021-04-20Honda Civic 2008 with cracked engine block - What to do?
2021-04-01Getting a repair on a phone while I still need access to a phone?
2021-03-09Outside the [cable] Box Thinking
2021-02-24image and video capture during house walk through
2021-02-21My favourite shirt is almost dead.
2021-02-17Where can I read or watch about new advances in science and technology?
2021-01-30Buying a drill