Which comments by Too-Ticky were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-31My cashmere. It has holes.
2021-12-29Files after Linux installation
2021-11-13Changing email provider for non-profit
2021-11-07What toy did I have?
2021-09-08Activities for learning how to let go.
2021-09-08Give me your best sustainable products for the self and home
2021-08-02Tell me about switching from Android to iPhone
2021-07-30Special Things in Copenhagen
2021-07-27B-ing responsible
2021-06-11All your favorite no-cook, minimal-refrigeration meals
2021-05-30Help with paint colors for garage exterior
2021-04-06Taught not Learned: Correcting Someone Else's Word Choice
2021-03-22ISO: a light/mid-weight, absorbent, cotton bath towel ...
2021-03-21ISO: a light/mid-weight, absorbent, cotton bath towel ...
2021-03-09No salt, no spice, no fun food
2021-03-09Giving up social media but what to do instead?
2021-02-19Tell me more about this red plastic hippo in a suit
2021-02-07Should I buy a bread machine?
2021-01-04Leaving Social Media, Gmail, etc. Are there safe options.