Which comments by hydra77 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-16USA medical primary and secondary insurance quandary
2021-12-09Where can I find youthful shoes in adult sizes?
2021-11-20What would you do with leftover porchetta?
2021-11-16How to deal with wonky dental billing situation? (Deadline involved)
2021-11-15Dinner ideas needed
2021-11-08Introduce me to more 21st-century music
2021-10-25What’s your favorite prep bowl set?
2021-10-17Can you recommend some well-written page turners?
2021-09-28lightweight iPhone for someone with neuropathy?
2021-09-14Grammar nerds, please halp!
2021-08-30Need to decorate a bedroom with zero research.
2021-08-19I lost my vaccination card. What can I do?
2021-06-28Club or group for people lacking extended family?
2021-06-02Book recommendations: likable characters, good writing, humor
2021-05-18Pick me up, put me down
2021-05-06Charity for covid relief in India?
2021-04-29Horror movies or stories set in hospitals and/or morgues
2021-04-20rivers and gorge paths and trees
2021-04-14Board/card games for kids + adults?
2021-03-17What details do I need to create a Buy Nothing group for my community?
2021-03-16Please help me face the music at my job
2021-03-08Free and good virus checker for old PC running Windows 10?
2021-02-23Help me use up Romano cheese
2021-02-23Help me use up Romano cheese
2021-02-09Will you be my second opinion to Dr. Google Translate?
2021-02-08Help me buy dining room chairs!
2021-02-05Save my banana bread
2021-01-11Help me find the perfect journal.