Which comments by stormyteal were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-10-26Was this a case of medical neglect?
2021-10-24How to help a child with executive dysfunction issues
2021-10-04The plant is dead. Long live the plant.
2021-09-03What kind of glue should I use to repair separating headband?
2021-08-05How to clean vintage sifter
2021-07-22I've had two shots (Moderna, in March) thought I was bulletproof. Nope.
2021-07-17How do I hang this wall poster?
2021-07-12How could a cable car be made steerable?
2021-07-11How did you stay close to your kid when they left the nest?
2021-07-10How did you stay close to your kid when they left the nest?
2021-06-29what is this weird-ass shower?
2021-06-29what is this weird-ass shower?
2021-05-21Best tips for designing an older kid-friendly area in the woods?
2021-04-29Tell me about your severe and/or extended COVID vaccine reactions.
2021-04-19Friend tried to hire our nanny without consulting me. What next?
2021-04-14Help/Hope me?
2021-03-18Baby Shower Shopping
2021-02-09"Where is the ""sweet bread"" cycle on my bread machine?"
2021-02-06Friend won't stop obsessing about her family dynamics
2021-01-27How to get a self-published book in stores?
2021-01-24Miss Maxine’s Identity Crisis
2021-01-24How to serve leftover pizza at breakfast?
2021-01-10Emotional Support Animal in a new apartment