Which comments by MonkeyToes were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-28"Help me identify a song with the chorus ""Rock back/I like it like that"""
2021-11-29"Where did the ""Rock and Roll Ending"" come from? "
2021-11-06X memes for Y teens
2021-10-30General name for this type of puzzle/quiz? (besides 'this or that')
2021-10-28It's me, your best friend, Arby's!
2021-10-07How do I get excited about the books on my shelf?
2021-08-22Parent read a riveting fiction book 14 years ago...what was it?
2021-06-26Transform your life! Achievably!
2021-06-19Kid's activity book from at least 30 years ago
2021-05-23Fun stops along I-81/I-84 in PA
2021-05-22Fun stops along I-81/I-84 in PA
2021-05-15Man Plans, and God Laughs
2021-05-13Man Plans, and God Laughs
2021-04-20Looking for the origin of this: a god who came to Earth and became a pig
2021-04-08"Looking for Neruda poem that contains ""long petal of the sea"""
2021-02-26Short Fiction Filter: Woman Collecting Apologies
2021-02-20How to solve this tailoring problem?
2021-02-20Ballad-y songs with a happy story please
2021-01-28Hobby Horse Cottage?