Which comments by Wobbuffet were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

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2021-05-16Help me explore French critical texts (art, language, literature)
2021-04-29US Civil War: former slave-holder joined the Union Army? True or trope?
2021-04-25online book club
2021-04-19north by northwest train romance scene
2021-03-31ISO abstract video art from '70s-'80s
2021-03-31ISO abstract video art from '70s-'80s
2021-03-25I wish to find this short story
2021-03-05Is Jung as full of it as Freud?
2021-03-04Looking for an online horror story: a giant image you drag to see/read
2021-02-28Why are there no comedy vicars in American sitcoms?
2021-01-12Help identify this other song