Which comments by needs more cowbell were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-11-30"Scientific term for the male and female ""ends"" of biological sex"
2021-11-28Group gift ideas that are inclusive of a blind and autistic 6 year old
2021-08-09Seeking fashion resources for tomboyish NB AMAB person
2021-06-24How best to convert Ikea gift cards to money?
2021-05-09Who made Trader Joe's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks?
2021-05-04Temporary WIFI solution if you don’t have a mobile hotspot?
2021-04-24Be notified of new music/films/books from specific creators?
2021-04-21What strange things has your dog eaten?
2021-03-29Can I overcome insomnia caused by medication without sleeping pills?
2021-03-15Name change to a chosen last name - anecdotal experiences?
2021-02-24Should I get the vaccine right now?
2021-02-23Alarm for iOS or browser with a non-repeating tone as the alarm sound?
2021-02-18"""A term of lack""?"
2021-02-17Reading material request
2021-02-01Reliable remote therapy
2021-01-25Help me sneaker shop, online.
2021-01-01Running shoe recommendation?