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2010-07-06922colinmarshallYou were doing it wrong
2006-10-02743sportbucketWhat Is This Creepy Site Advertising?
2012-07-13371k8tCat lost at Devil's Tower - help
2015-05-13363mirandateasing boyfriend just won't stop
2010-08-31355AnonymousIs her excessive temper a red flag for our wedding or can it be overcome?
2009-11-20346lunalagunaBut what's it there for? Do you actually sleep on it?
2015-08-02297Cool Papa BellThe dream of the 90s is ... what?
2011-11-05292DiablevertWhat are America's quirks?
2011-06-27289MsMollyBut at least I'm not from...
2005-11-13272airnxtzis an ebay fraud seller free?
2016-08-02271hankscorpio83"Examples of ""regional"" common knowledge"
2011-03-25268ictowHelp me break me
2016-11-23266insectosaurusWhich way do you face in the shower?
2012-09-18261BlasdelbHow do you spot an amateur?
2013-05-23258a box and a stick and a string and a bear"Just saw ""Total Eclipse of the Heart"" for the first time. More, please."
2014-10-03257sarcasticahWhich TV-show intro was this?!
2005-12-12244Mo NickelsFriend: Do I report my boyfriend to HR?
2017-09-29240stillmovingWhat normal thing from your childhood would be considered strange today?
2013-03-15240liziferTell me about your peeves
2009-10-27238jebAmericans: Was your town a [rumored] Cold War missile target?
2007-09-08237limonWhat single book is the best introduction to your field (or specialization within your field) for laypeople?
2022-10-18236bondcliffHow local was this Thing?
2010-05-19235fakeHelp me help my friend in DC.
2015-06-19233sockpuppetryDid my boyfriend just get married?
2012-07-07227CheeseAndRiceIs my boyfriend controlling or am I making this into an issue when it's no big deal?
2013-01-09225ErikH2000Examples of cliched business speak in the US?
2009-10-07221Lipstick ThespianYou Are Trying To Break My Heart
2011-01-04220otherwordlyglowWould you mind taking your shoes off?
2010-11-30218KhazkNickname that store
2010-01-24218damn dirty apeThings that only happen in movies.
2011-04-18217yalestarSpringtucky Derby
2011-03-31216edlundartWho is this older male singer?
2015-01-22213OmnomnomBitch in Business
2010-10-07211AnonymousDoes one or both of us need therapy, or is it time to DTMFA?
2010-10-05211miss lynnsterGimme some nicknames. Dorks.
2005-02-02210jeremiasWhat experience most shaped who you are?
2009-07-02208Earl the PolliwogInsights gained via one's career
2012-01-13207holdkris99Gold teeth and a curse for this town were all in my mouth
2008-05-26205pravitWhy do some people wear shoes indoors?
2011-05-27202CosineStill rude to wear a hat indoors?
2013-02-04201lemonadeheretic"What's the ""bless your heart"" of your field?"
2007-01-24201asavageOld west Mythbusters
2009-03-20199AnonymousWe'd prefer invites with tact
2005-01-17198bonaldiModern Cover Question
2007-12-17196MikoMore like St. Smellmo
2014-04-29195AnonymousHelp me feel better about my daughter's name.
2013-11-08195daileBoyfriend takes pictures of neighbor
2011-04-18194AnonymousHow do I un-traumatize myself?
2014-09-15192lstanleyBad candy, bad!
2012-12-10189sock puppet mop bucketPlease help me leave my abusive fiance.
2012-01-17189BadgerDoctor"What's your favorite line from ""The Simpsons"""
2009-09-10189jjgWhat is the best love song you've ever heard?
2012-06-05187AnonymousIs asking for immediate help from your partner unreasonable?
2012-03-06185spicynutsEPIC FAIL MOVIES
2010-11-06185Rory Marinich:D
2015-07-26182d. z. wangwhat do people incorrectly believe to be universal?
2014-08-07182ferdinandccSmells that don't exist anymore, or are harder to find in real life
2013-05-14181FAMOUS MONSTERWon't you help me solve a thirty-year-old puzzle?
2013-02-07181blazingunicornWhat superpower or quirk have you picked up because of your 9-5 gig?
2011-03-06179FoferRebus Help Needed. For the sake of my mental health.
2017-10-15177kevinbeltLocal fast food
2011-08-15176cavalierLooking for help naming mah BABY! Daughter...
2009-09-15176cranberrymongerWhat album is so good that you never skip a song?
2008-04-02176RinkuExciting food combinations?
2014-04-29175bondcliffWhat's a good movie to rent for a bunch of twelve year-old boys?
2013-03-26175Anonymous"Help! I'm living in a ""Family Guy"" episode."
2008-02-14173jjjjjjjijjjjjjj"Steer me to your nearest ""bad neighborhood""..."
2008-11-10172spamguyThis Is My Dog, Reginald McPimplewagon
2009-06-08171dejah420Party foul, or reason for jihad?
2016-09-05170quiet_musingsHow did you meet your significant other?
2010-09-15170pauldonatoNot-obvious things you shouldn't say to women
2016-06-24169MitheralYou keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it mean
2011-10-17169YoungAmericanHelp rename my public radio show!
2009-02-11168AnonymousI accidentally saw porn on my boss's computer, now what?
2013-05-26167destronomicsCat stuck on 7th story molding
2009-12-31166AnonymousI prefer awkard and geeky to this
2009-07-09166MaryDellamorteYou found WHAT in your drawer?
2011-05-04165MeatFilterCancelled Wedding - How would you react?
2006-02-07165ciorI feel after-school special.
2014-01-04164scodyThis rock chick needs more rock chicks to listen to.
2006-06-23164PlutorWhy is the opening at the front of men's briefs still there if it's rarely used?
2011-03-01163WaspEnterprisesUh oh, I think I just seized the day.
2008-04-02162cosmic osmoBegging the question, for all intensive purposes: misused colloquialisms in modern English
2022-07-07161Flying SaucerHow many bands have songs where they say their own name?
2014-02-07161tomorrowShould I continue to date an egregiously bad tipper?
2016-03-21160mymblethThe Re-Readables
2019-07-18159pH Indicating Socks30 minutes to an hour of heaven
2012-10-10159soooohow to respond to a guy who invites you on a date and wants you to pay?
2012-02-28159JonahBlackHelp middle name my baby!
2006-05-08159dseatonBuckle Up?
2010-09-27157Nickel PickleShould I pay to replace a rude guest's shawl?
2009-09-06157idiopathWhat do the makers like?
2008-12-22157cgc373Have you ever thrown a book across a room?
2008-10-14157roger ackroydparents say the darndest things
2004-08-09157jmd82Movies to Cry To
2013-11-08156hanov3rHey, Soul Sister, is that Mr. Mister?
2013-10-04156dobbsYet another request for a dog name...
2011-12-14156catatethebirdBitter Songs
2011-09-08156cupcake1337no one wants to fuck me
2009-07-01156tr0ubleyUnique flavor combinations
2006-04-30156blahblahblahPick the best science fiction book for the uninitiated...
2005-12-17156crazyrayshould we tell our daughter the tryuth about santa?
2017-06-19155helloimjennsco"Songs That Make You Go ""THAT'S MY SONG!"""
2016-01-30155ChkalovskayaShaving every day as the price of admission for sex
2011-12-14155micketymocIntroduce me to mindblowing covers of cliched songs.
2008-04-28155iamkimiamOh, so you're a [insert profession here]! How [insert whacky generalization and misguided curiosity here]?
2013-08-23154dekathelonSuppose you're never going to have any friends for the rest of your life
2010-06-17154ShepherdWhat is the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything?
2009-07-08154bigmusicThe food that defines your state is?
2008-12-16154lunchboxTouchy discussion subjects for your occupation/group?
2007-10-31154SmarsonA Room By Any Other Name
2012-05-21153MonsieurBonCat boner-farts
2006-07-06153AnonymousHe's watching porn. At work.
2011-04-11152WaspEnterprisesThis just might be your bag, baby.
2008-09-18152GIRLesqIs he a cheater?
2006-04-19152team lowkeyWhat are the hep cats spoutin'?
2005-09-21152SticherbeastWhat are the saddest songs?
2014-01-20151JannaKDecoding cancer-addled ramblings
2008-02-12150MaryDellamorteLife changing movies
2005-11-17150Robot JohnnyFictional characters with funny names?
2016-05-10148bleepIs shaving your legs difficult?
2014-06-12148Zosia BlueBest cocktails bars in each US state
2012-05-24148royalsongI want to listen to songs that make me cry.
2007-11-06148AnonymousIs there anything else I can get you, Master?
2015-12-22147acorncupReal words that sound like nonsense words
2009-09-26147MonkeyToes"""Bless your heart"" and other backhanded phrases? "
2007-12-30147pravitWords that native English speakers mispronounce
2022-07-13146jeszac Noteworthy Covers of Famous Songs
2009-01-17146AnonymousIs my husband trying to kill me?
2008-02-18146easy_being_greenWhat is the first book you remember loving?
2007-04-25146comwizMixed Soda Name?
2007-03-20146FalconettiDenominated Urscenes
2006-05-25146grumblebeeBring me to the edge of my seat, and then push me over!
2005-03-14146borkingchikapaLosing faith
2012-06-06145AnonymousI really, really, really don't want him to be THAT guy.
2011-04-27145troublesWhy not poetry?
2010-08-14145ljs30cash bar, wedding?
2010-06-01145gadhaHow do I become a considerate gift giver?
2007-04-14145Tommy GnosisBest song by the worst band
2005-10-18145captainscaredWhat CD do you currently love.
2017-12-22144hexaflexagonWhat is a life-changing realization you wish you had sooner? (2017 ed.)
2016-06-07144leibnizunhappy endings you actually value?
2011-01-19144heyforfourBad as in terrible, not bad as in really good
2010-03-03144ericthegardenerHard Habit To Break
2013-11-19143Stan GrossmanWhat are your favorite quirky sayings?
2012-06-06143taffHelp and angsty feminist parent talk with the school and her daughter.
2012-01-18143kineticHow am I supposed to repay a scholarship based on financial need?
2010-10-22143reuscamHow to wean my wife off therapy?
2010-01-03143AnonymousI screwed up; what do I do now?
2005-11-30143PurplePorpoiseRock bands with female leads?
2005-10-17143sourwookieI've been to paradise....
2010-05-13142Turkey GlueDamn the Torpedoes!
2008-02-07142fuzzbeanLonely movie seeks mate for night of incredible synergy
2006-10-20142AnonymousHow does a Protestant minister handle a confession of murder?
2005-11-04142brandzmovies that don't meet expectations
2004-11-24142grumblebeeWhy are some people chronically late?
2022-05-04141dede"What are foods that made you say, ""Where have you been my whole life?!"""
2017-11-15141tzikehObjectively crappy/subjectively awesome movies to laugh at while tipsy
2011-12-14141holterbarbourCelebrities with hidden, incredible talents?
2009-09-11141Brody's chumSingers who listen to other songs?
2007-10-23141kiwitobesFamous working couples
2006-11-29141lorimer"Seeking movies with interesting moments of specific, sudden turnarounds/""surprises"""
2018-11-23140calibratorI have a young family and don’t see a future for the marriage
2013-12-20140HellafilesPostcard stalker?
2010-05-15140ian1977I decided that I needed less. not. more.
2009-07-05140AnonymousI have a people problem. I have no idea what it is.
2007-06-20140mothershockBooks that changed your life as a girl
2007-03-24140wfrgmsI love me some science... her, eh, not so much...
2005-12-15140billysumdaySongs with hand claps
2005-12-14140pithy commentGood clean jokes.
2016-08-17139signalWhat do you call yourself in the second person singular?
2015-04-29139dubious_dude"Roommate and new ""girlfriend"" making me uncomfortable. Solutions?"
2012-12-17139frizzleBest TV shows to keep you hooked?
2009-09-19139d. z. wangAcademic Shibboleths
2008-12-22139One Second Before AwakeningHelp us rally around a common weirdness
2007-06-24139jmpriceWhat are your most absurd, thought provoking questions?
2010-07-13138AnonymousShould I name my daughter Lucy?
2005-02-14138GuckyLoving Bad Movies
2004-01-08138limitedpieWhat is a good name for our daughter?
2013-09-06137FerminWhat are some nice feminine sounding gender neutral names?
2009-06-02137I FoodyWhat books do people proselytize about?
2008-07-08137ChasFileWhat do you call a long, thin sandwich?
2016-06-03136kingfishquitting job to day trade for a living, Need Advice
2013-08-26136gcolmes@gmail.comHow upset should I be about my boyfriend's temper?
2011-09-30136katygglsAnd Cain rose up...
2010-05-04136almsSeeking English words with meanings hidden in plain sight
2009-03-25136MaryDellamorteWould this offend you?
2017-01-11135st elmo's fireI messed up big time in my relationship. Now what?
2016-09-24135Gosha_DogWhat are your favorite transcendent, gives you the chills, performances?
2015-09-15135AnonymousIt was September 15, 1985 and....
2014-02-28135unlapsingKnitting in public: have I been dastardly rude this whole time?
2013-09-29135BlasdelbAmerican Shibboleth
2012-10-18135tooloudinhereWhat is your job like, really?
2012-08-29135justonegirlHow to survive a marital separation arrangement?
2011-12-29135carmicha"""Three little sentences will get you through life. Number 1: Cover for me. Number 2: Oh, good idea, Boss! Number 3: It was like that when I got here."" Homer Simpson"
2011-06-15135amacph10Help me identify abusive relationship