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2011-01-04220otherwordlyglowWould you mind taking your shoes off?
2010-09-15170pauldonatoNot-obvious things you shouldn't say to women
2010-09-27157Nickel PickleShould I pay to replace a rude guest's shawl?
2009-03-25136MaryDellamorteWould this offend you?
2005-11-17132AnonymousBaby on Board(room)
2012-12-20126raspberry-rippleI'm not Mrs Him!
2007-04-03113marbleGrocery store line etiquette
2005-01-17112bunglin jones"Is it misogynistic to use the ""C-word?"""
2005-06-20111notsnotLeaving the toilet seat up?
2013-05-21106badgermushroomSNAKEGetting married after getting married: the insurance-panic edition
2016-04-13104corbHelp me avoid the WASP trap.
2004-12-24103JenestaHow do deal with racially-based questions about appearance?
2009-10-1099desjardinsExcuse me, are you from around here?
2005-01-2096profwhatAs an atheist, what should I do while others pray?
2011-07-2894Admiral HaddockThe bathroom is supposed to be my happy place, not your spittoon/shower/fartatorium
2014-10-1394Area ManShoes on or off in the house?
2017-07-2794sciatrixplease explain to me the purpose of bath mats?
2013-09-3092coppermossAm I breaking some unwritten cell phone rule?
2009-10-1091katybirdI'm from here! I swear!
2016-07-1190TestamentToGracestocking items for the boyfriend in my fridge
2006-09-2090bbrownImplications in Ignoring IMs
2007-10-1590Anonymousmust I submit to monthly waxing torture?
2018-11-2388Neely O'HaraWho DOES that?!
2018-11-2887pleasebekind"""Huh, I should do that."""
2019-07-1286BadgerDoctorAm I obligated to accomodate a surprise vegan houseguest?
2012-09-1385Miss T.HornI hear the espresso's really cheap in this joint
2008-12-1785dhammalaIt should only take a minute, really.
2011-02-0883tatiana wishbone"How can I politely rebut ""Everything happens for a reason""?"
2011-02-2883lpsguyIs there an etiquette for reclining in the air?
2010-08-0181soonertboneTrying to find the line between Good Samaritan and Creepy McCreeperson
2010-02-2480dchrssyrIf a customer service professional is wearing a nametag, should I use thier name?
2009-08-2680xoNew baby, new etiquette
2005-03-0879agregoliIs it rude not to say,
2017-08-0479dreamphoneKeep out (please)
2016-03-2378AnonymousHe stopped talking to me abruptly and with no warning, now what?
2007-02-0578landedjentryNo longer rockin' the suburbs.
2006-08-3077wrylyDo younger people pay with folding money only?
2012-02-1477AnonymousIs this a wedding or a fundraiser?
2013-12-0277pretentious illiterateIs it irresponsible for me to keep my cell phone on 'silent' at night?
2013-03-2177Lately GoneWhat was the most comforting condolence sentence you ever heard?
2006-09-0976AnonymousFighting fire with fire?
2013-06-1976d. z. wangIs this an individual quirk or the norm for some group?
2010-05-1775yellowbinderI hope every delicious bite was tainted by the shame of what a selfish person you are
2019-02-2175nightrecordingsAn American Werewolf in Canada
2004-08-1374ChasFileIs it ok to talk to someone on the phone while using the bathroom?
2009-05-3074Anonymousasking the roommate to close the toilet lid
2017-03-0373unicornologistIs this note left in our mailbox rude? It feels that way.
2005-08-1473rwheEtiquetteFilter: What do you do when someone refuses your wedding present?
2013-01-1573patheralCall before dropping by, is this a regional thing?
2011-01-2472forzaSlightly late or slightly early?
2011-05-1171AnonymousAm I being oversensitive about an unexpected dinner guest?
2010-09-1371shoppingforsanityWedding fashion woes
2011-06-3069AnonymousWill a proposal steal the bride's thunder?
2016-03-2869daveg02Could I ask out a girl on ride-shares like lyft without sounding weird?
2012-07-0269pazazygeekhave i been an unwitting dick for years?
2014-10-1368wavingWhy would he think it's OK to walk through my house with his boots on?
2012-12-2968baconandvodkaI like you, but I hate the gifts..
2007-08-2368remthewandererWho pays for a wedding?
2014-09-2267nicolas léonard sadi carnotIs a once/weekly houseguest too much if you're rarely out of the house?
2018-09-2167rocketbadgerDid I miss a day of etiquette school growing up?
2016-03-3067mathEmail etiquette and expectations for night owls?
2009-04-2966dreamphoneToilet lid etiquette
2008-06-0466[NOT HERMITOSIS-IST]He's Not My Brother, Dammit.
2010-10-1965love is a murdererIs turnaround fair play when it comes to weddings?
2012-06-0865oceanviewLate night text? Next!
2012-01-1365Under the SeaWedding etiquette regarding invites and rsvp
2005-07-1264AnonymousSleeping at work
2022-05-1264Dressed to KillIs saying “I’m proud of you” patronizing?
2022-12-2564PersonPersonCan I skip this funeral?
2023-08-2963saturday_morningDigital Etiquette Poll
2018-11-2863meaty shoe puppethow to handle aggressive women on the subway?
2009-02-1763TalezShould I take pictures of kids who are legally required to stand on trains and email them to school principals?
2017-03-2363gateauIt’s His Party (And I’ll Cry if I Want To)
2014-08-1862AnonymousWeekend guest etiquette - am I right to be upset?
2008-06-1262foxinthesnowHow much to tip?
2012-03-3161camdanhike/bike trails, passing on the left. proper etiquette?
2016-12-1361egeaninHow to handle this stupid soap opera scenario?
2010-12-2261triggerfingerPlease help me to tell people I will not always be available to them
2014-10-0161early one morningBrushing your teeth (even flossing) in a public restroom: ok?
2010-09-1561thewalrusiPhone broken by a 2.5 year old
2012-12-2161phoenix_risinglunchtime etiquette
2008-05-2060ghastlyfopInlaws Behaving Badly?
2016-05-1160epanalepsisHow do you wear sunglasses?
2018-05-0360queensissyRestaurant eti-filter: what does your culture think of doggie bags?
2012-06-2360MilauDoorbell etiquette
2010-10-0559AnonymousSo... your husband. Not a child molester, by any chance?
2007-10-1659TimeTravelSpeedMy Fair Gentleman
2011-07-2358AnonymousHow to Be Good to Her Under Difficult Circumstances?
2012-03-1258grouseHow can I politely get people to stop using a nickname?
2010-02-1957d. z. wangIs it rude to invite a vegan if you can't guarantee he can eat anything?
2014-01-2457disaster77Check writing/cashing etiquette
2006-03-1457waldoHow do I deal with habitually rude callers?
2015-11-1057ProginoskesHow to tell previous homeowners we are tired of holding their mail
2013-11-2456Anonymous"SelfishFilter: Is there a polite way to say ""gifts ok""?"
2009-03-1356keep it under coverEating out with Scrooge
2011-05-2655BadgerDoctortastes good but not in good taste?
2010-10-1255stealaboveBroken eyeglass etiquette - who should pay?
2009-10-2855VioletUMy Glasses Are Not Held Together With Tape, Honest.
2006-10-0755gelcapHow far from bed to keep condoms?
2007-08-3055uaudiomissed connections
2016-09-1954Sockpuppets 'R' UsWhat's a polite way to tell a stranger you don't want to talk?
2014-05-1154tenaciousmoonEngagement ring etiquette.
2009-03-1254Anonymous"""I had a great time tonight... now go home""?"
2018-03-1954credible hulkHow Rude is Using Self-Checkout Machines Twice?
2010-06-2854Anonymous"WeddingFilter: ""You're not invited"""
2014-12-1454delezzoYes, you have to eat with strangers.
2012-03-0254Anonymousscript for dealing with rude comments about weight?
2012-12-0654TangoCharlieHow to put other night-time pedestrians at ease?
2011-12-2954AnonymousAm I a total snob for being embarrassed by my friend's table habit?
2016-04-2354CheeseAndRiceIs it rude for friend to request I buy a new outfit for wedding?
2013-12-2054horizonsFacebook etiquette for what is basically, a year-long vacation?
2010-06-2053deadweightlossDogs and public parks
2006-08-0553tastybrainsAddressing wedding invitations...
2011-05-2853Disco MooFlashing hazards as you pass
2011-07-1253stranger dangerlooking a gift horse in the mouth, or something
2013-09-2453mister_kaupungisterThank you in advance
2006-02-0453adampsycheSitting on the same side? Yay or nay, I ask you?
2007-04-2053AnonymousShould a Video of VTech Shooter's Play be Online?
2021-08-3052SageTrailWhat's the social etiquette regarding visiting people who have dogs?
2011-02-0852AnonymousDear Slutty Abby
2010-03-0452AnonymousWedding Invitation Etiquette
2013-02-2652AnonymousMy dream wedding is a courthouse ceremony
2007-10-1652AnonymousMale Pattern Balding Below The Belt
2014-08-1151redwatermanTact filter: How do I handle friend making fun of how I speak?
2005-04-2551xogender neutrality
2015-08-2251Hot buttered sockpuppetsPlease don't sit with us
2007-12-0450Anonymous"If you tell me ""Congratulations"", I will barf all over you."
2008-10-0950AnonymousCollegial concern: going too far?
2009-05-0850AnonymousThe no-good, terrible, horrible, very bad table manners
2013-07-0250AnonymousHow to best deal with and/or avoid estranged parents at a wedding?
2012-09-1150jjjjjjjijjjjjjj"Southern U.S. use of ""Miss [FirstName]"" -- racial or class connotations?"
2005-07-2950soundslikeobiwanWhat's with the spitting in the urinal?
2017-04-2249wavingRestaurant complaint etiquette
2016-11-3049roomthreeseventeen58 seats. 62 Koreans.
2010-10-2649GroovytimesCheck please?
2011-08-1649t0astieHow do I nicely say, ah, your dog, which is at our house, is not welcome at our house?
2011-05-1148mchornShould I complain?
2015-04-0648rainbowbriteDifficult Wedding Guest Quandary
2011-02-2548Sloop John BI want to out on dates, not sit at home and write emails
2016-09-0848insectosaurusNail polish in public
2013-06-1447caesuraCrash course in American etiquette
2010-08-3147hellameangirlOk to ask?
2013-04-0547RingerChopChopFond of Fondly?
2015-03-1947aldebaranKindly telling someone you're not interested in a closer friendship?
2023-10-2547daisyacePopping by
2014-08-0447zoomorphicNo one eats for free.
2004-10-0347yalestar"What was so offensive about ""the blacks""?"
2014-04-0747Narrative PrioritiesDo I apologize, or do we all just pretend this NEVER HAPPENED?
2013-07-0446ladybirdHow to politely tell people to read their f*cking emails?
2005-04-0446Fat GuyIs it acceptable to ask the bride not to seat me next to someone in particular?
2011-07-2746amicamentisCan I Still Have a Butler?
2014-06-2446AusteniteInviting only *some* family to our wedding?
2011-12-2946BardolphHey, I don't really want to hug her, either.
2007-06-0146somersaultGood lord.
2019-04-2646unicorn chaser"""Where's that accent from?"""
2009-12-2746mrmarleyAnniversary of friend's toddler's death coming up
2018-12-2046JenTheProHosting / Guest Etiquette
2012-01-0645jabberjawurinal bathroom etiquette
2004-10-2145MiguelCardosoSaying No
2015-07-1445wondrous strange snowIs there any way to rescind this invitation?
2021-06-0945TehhundWhat are young kids in the US calling adults these days?
2012-11-1645glasseyesFacebook Etiquette with in-laws in mind
2013-09-1445futureisunwrittenHow to split a restaurant bill.
2014-03-3145stupidsexyFlandersMust we acknowledge emails?
2011-01-2845kevinsp8Why do restaurants expect people to reuse their dirty utensils?
2014-08-2144magdalemonMy Best Frenemy's Wedding
2008-05-2144Sophie1"Saying ""no"""
2018-10-2644DashyGym etiquette
2010-07-2743kataclysmWhat is the best way to ruin someone's wedding plans?
2008-08-0543AnonymousCan I buy the bride a pair of reality goggles?
2024-02-1543Jon44Overreaction to person taking another call during a call they initiated?
2021-04-1043needs more cowbellMessaging timing etiquette
2006-01-0543rocketmanDid I leave a good tip?
2015-10-2843sciatrixWhen do you know it's time to take a sick day?
2007-07-1243AnonymousHow to be the single one?
2005-04-2743muddgirlShould I bring a gift to dinner at a prof's house?
2010-07-0843so_gracefullyI want to hang out with my friend!
2013-08-0643windboxHey, mature people: Are you noticing how I'm cutting my food?
2013-08-0743Auberginea smelly situation
2015-11-2742AnonymousDo I need to go to this funeral?
2005-08-0342bl1nk"too bad you can't shout ""on your right"" to drivers"
2011-09-0142Jon44How to Cope with Overtly Bigoted Comment at Dinner Party?
2013-11-2742mulliganGoogle Glass Etiquette
2010-02-2842palionexTipping when waitstaff get paid minimum wage
2013-10-0942nerdfish'We like you fine, but we're not buying dinner for you.'
2015-04-1542QuaversalisSame-Sex Wedding Etiquette: Do We Invite Non-Supportive Parents?
2006-04-0242waldoCatholic mass etiquette for non-Catholics?
2017-04-0542Suffocating KittyNew Tenant Welcome Basket
2010-09-2941AnonymousReturning or keeping engagement ring
2009-06-0941RoachHelp me choose the wording for a t-shirt that pointedly calls people out on their terrible cell phone etiquette.
2015-05-0141redwatermanHouseguest karma
2011-07-0941Hey nonny nonny mouseIs there any way to uninvite someone?
2014-05-2941caseofyouwas this appropriate
2009-12-0441valadilGetting married next may, what's the etiquette for inviting friends of parents.
2011-07-1041nickhbHow do I deal with Racist friends?
2006-08-1641wejonesShould I give back a ring that my ex's mom gave me?
2016-06-0341cortexBest practices for handing a customer bills + coins in change?
2017-05-1341whistle pigAdvice for a grossed out diner
2015-07-3041paleyellowwithorangerestaurant etiquette: used tissue on finished plate?
2004-11-2241RavinDaveWhy can't people park their bikes right?