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2006-09-03248Mathowie's Community Blog
2010-08-10245Ballad of Steven Slater
2007-02-1416488 Lines About 44 Mefites
2006-06-30121matthewchen is spamming
2016-11-20115Everything Is Fucked (Keep On Going)
2006-08-18105Please Stop The Asshattery
2009-06-1789Halle Hula
2012-01-3071Ode to a Buttered Cat
2014-11-0652Choke a Moff (Taylor Swift parody)
2006-08-3048Doing the Churlish Pule
2007-04-0637Sgt. Pepper 2.0
2008-11-0436Stay The Fuck In Line
2009-01-2636Metafilter's Down (And So I Hit F5)
2011-05-0936Everything I Do (I Dun Fer You)
2007-02-0835At the Open Mic
2009-02-1133O Superman (cover)
2007-07-0632Toft Snutch
2017-09-0732I Hate To Be That Guy But
2008-08-2330Young Devin Funck
2007-11-0829On The Blue (With Apologies to John Coulton, Valve, Et Al)
2010-06-0129Heart of Glass
2010-07-2029Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom
2012-02-1424(I Don't Know If I Love You But) I Like Like You A Lot
2007-03-0723I Spend All My Free Time on the Internet
2013-03-0423I Knew You Were Tribbles (When You Dropped In)
2011-05-2522Additional Small Things
2011-04-2621Quit Hogging All The Crazy (It's My Birthday)
2014-10-1520Istanbul not Constantinople
2015-06-0320Metafilter Podcast Theme - Daft Punk version
2008-11-1918Wheel in the Sky (bluegrass cover)
2010-12-2718Oh Come All Ye Slothful
2011-11-3018Whiter Shade of Pale (cover)
2013-07-1117It Ain't Easy (Bowie cover)
2010-04-2916Don't Stop Kazooin'
2019-03-2616OH NO FOMO
2010-09-2315Nathan Fillion
2015-01-2515Your Racist Friend (Y Tori Kant Even)
2018-12-3115Another Year And Most Of Us Have Made It
2009-07-0714Femme Fatale
2015-07-2414Always On My Mind (cover)
2010-08-3113I'm Looking Through You (Beatles cover)
2011-01-0613I See A Darkness (cover)
2006-08-2912A Man in a Boat in the Water
2007-02-0612You Are My Sunshine
2008-03-0612Fidelity (Cover)
2009-12-0812O Holy Night
2011-05-0212Osama's Dead (So I Wrote A Funny Song)
2015-03-3012Wicker Man (Elton John parody)
2006-07-0911How To Fight Loneliness
2008-12-3111Next Year's Gotta Be Better Than This One
2010-12-0711Fish Are Great
2015-07-0411(I'm Gonna Drink A) Fifth Of July
2021-01-1311C++ Shanty
2008-05-1810Take On Me (a cappella cover)
2009-06-0410Hallelujah, Hoarse (cover)
2013-02-2010Another Brick in the Major
2009-03-039Creep (acoustic STP cover)
2010-02-039Where Is My Mind
2010-04-309La Isla Bonita (cover)
2015-05-099Paranoid Shepard
2016-12-319Motherfuck This Year
2020-07-119I Bought A MicroKORG (I Apologize)
2007-07-148Happy Birthday Metafilter (#8)
2010-12-218Have Yourself a Walken Little Christmas
2015-07-108In The Pines
2015-07-168Dark as a Dungeon
2015-07-318Rocket City
2018-09-088Ed Steamhams - Cooking Out Loud
2006-07-267Dr. Who Goes To (Final Fantasy) Town
2008-08-157True Love Will Find You in the End (Daniel Johnston cover)
2008-08-277Mansion on the Hill (v.4)
2009-01-097Harmonica Odyssey
2016-09-227Young Blood
2020-09-177Jaylen (Please Don't Bean My Man)
2006-06-296Woman Attack Dog Breeder With Body Of Dead Chihuahua
2006-11-076Despite What Santa Said
2007-07-206Green and Long and Mean
2008-10-156Emma's Song
2008-12-306I'll Stab You (for Sumru)
2009-10-236Affording Good Beheadings
2010-04-266Kids (MGMT cover)
2010-06-156Town in a Lake
2006-07-025Stain on the Sheets
2006-07-155Stay Away
2010-04-155Complicated (Avril cover)
2010-04-275Hotel California (cover)
2011-04-075Wicked Little Town (cover)
2012-07-265Subterranean Homesick Dylan
2012-07-315Paranoid Android
2016-09-225Halle Hula - live from Hāpuna Beach
2020-08-055Workman 9 to 5
2006-07-184No Good News Today
2006-08-134America Online Releases Twenty Million Private Search Records
2006-10-254Devil Blues
2007-03-014Let's Just Pretend that David Bowie Wrote this Song
2007-05-104Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out (Guthrie cover)
2009-07-144Happy [Tenth] Birthday, Metafilter
2010-03-014So Fuckin' Free
2010-12-224Silent Night
2011-05-314Old Man (cover)
2012-02-014I Can't Help Falling in Love with You (cover)
2012-07-114No Surprises
2012-07-124Karma Police
2020-08-074A Grand Unslam
2020-08-164Let Me Into The Blaseball
2020-09-034Better Watch Your Step (It's The Charleston Shoe Thieves)
2006-07-283NSA Collected Massive Database of Phonecall Records
2006-10-093Radio Cure (cover)
2007-02-213Twist the Knife
2007-06-283The Bottom Falls Out of the Clouds
2007-06-293Only Listened One Time
2007-11-043California Dreamin' (cover)
2009-07-283Femme Fatale (VU+N cover)
2010-03-053Drunk Again
2010-08-053This Was Hardly A Moment
2010-09-063There Ain't Love In Your Heart
2012-07-143Subterranean Homesick Alien
2012-08-013Exit Music (for a Film)
2015-11-043MetaFilter Podcast Theme - Original
2006-07-072Scooby Doo
2006-07-212Bush and Koizumi Visit Graceland
2006-08-092Iran To Pursue Atomic Research Despite Russian Plan
2006-09-182Waltz Number Two
2006-11-142Three Dimensional
2009-02-132Last Minute Love Songs
2009-11-062Oh Balloon Boy
2010-01-042Paraplegic Woman Runs From Cops
2010-02-092Drunk Again
2010-03-032Uh Uh
2010-04-282You Got It (bluegrass cover)
2010-09-272Strange Attraction (Cure cover)
2012-08-022Let Down
2014-04-282The Crapshoot Review Songs II
2015-05-052The Golden Age (Beck cover)
2016-06-142Keep On Stumpin'
2020-07-242Time (the Revelator)
2006-07-011No Reason (broken Casio mix)
2006-07-111Things Fall Apart
2006-07-271I'm Going Away
2006-09-261Waltzing In Space
2006-10-201The Aural Times is Back
2006-12-311Auld Lang Syne - Harvey Girls NYE 2006
2007-02-281The Human Condition (rough cut)
2007-04-051Seams (vocoder bringdown edition)
2008-07-091bad first song
2008-08-251I Just Got Back From the Dentist
2008-11-141It's Jay!
2010-02-131Uh Uh
2010-03-171Tell It All
2010-04-161Runaway Train (Soul Asylum cover)
2010-06-041March of the Prigs
2010-08-161Moses Made the Middle Part
2015-05-041Carl Sandburg (Sufjan Stevens cover)