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2016-06-1626escape from the potato planetSo kawaii!
"Sorry for the delayed delete; probably better to contain even the silly wtf Trump stuff in the election thread, and beyond that, the titling of this as ""Japanese"" by the non-Japanese mak
2015-05-161ChurchHatesTuckerI don't need feminism because what I need is to bite you
"Raising cat consciousness is a worthy goal, but we discussed this tumblr back when the 'women against feminism' thing was originally going around and I don't know that we need to
2014-11-181MonkeymooSeals are having sex with penguins and eating them afterwards
"This isn't a great combo of links for a Mefi post. The first is sort of just a super short and rather awful thing that won't stand alone as a post, and the second has nothing to do with the first, and is just going to lead to a thread full of ""wtf."" --
2014-07-284NoraReedI'm not sure how they got these opinions wedged into their cats, or why
2012-04-0617nasreddinRabbi's Little Helper
"This comes under the heading of ""If you are going to make a post about something terrible happening a) to children b) in Israel it needs to be more than a single link saying WTF"" Put another way if it's an interesting thing worth looking at beyond outr
2012-04-054BadMikerReverse trolling?
"I'm sure this is great for people who have the perseverance to understand what is going on, but otherwise it's a lot of clicking through forums trying to figure out wtf is going on. Maybe make this post again tomorrow with a little more explanation for t
2011-07-1520wowbobwowCat + apples = funny
"normally this would fall under ""hey it's friday wtf"" rules, but it is, alas, a double. -- jessamyn"
2010-04-199nealrodriguezCelebrities With Bigger Natural Boobs Than Heidi Montag
WTF -- cortex
2009-01-1156tellurianBad eggs
wtf? -- mathowie
2009-01-097punkfloydRan when parked
links to one-off lulzy ebay auctions with no other wtf-disambiguation are sort of thin gruel even for a Friday. -- jessamyn
2008-10-2631swiftThe gates of hell.
WTFilter -- mathowie
2008-09-140pallen123Track, Willow, Bristol, WFT?
this ieither needs to be on AskMe or your own blog, it's a single link op ed post to a topic that has been done to death here already and it has heavy editorializing to boot. It's not a great post for metafilter. Also do you mean wtf? --
2008-02-2223homunculusNexus of Politics and Terror
If you think this is important, you might want to Make An Effort instead of a nearly blind link to a MSNBC video that is minutes of waiting before it's even clear wtf is going on. Seriously.... if you care about what is going on and you want to share it w
2008-01-0810metasonixReady for another episode of Japan-Is-Insane?
"this is getting a little over the top editorializing-wise. want to post neat/weird/kooky stuff about japan, please do, but stop the ""WTF JAPAN CRAYZEE AMIRITE"" please. -- jessamyn"
2007-09-2212monacoMy First 3D Movie
"I sort of think that this may not be something you should have postd to metafilter which is a more polite way of saying ""wtf guy, this looks really self-linky"" -- jessamyn"
2007-06-0823From BklynCold War Off Again. Kind of.
come on, wtf already. -- jessamyn
2007-05-0223impoliticDenver Mayor Wins Reelection in a Close One
wtf? -- jessamyn
wtf, stop it.
2006-04-201sluglickerPrivate Conversations
2005-10-1222roomMusic from a Tiny Sine Wave
old self link wtf -- jessamyn
2005-07-0516If I Had An AnusVapo
put down the bong and step away from the post - main link broken, wtf?
propaganda pussies? wtf?
2005-03-1960Jim Jonese-chair? L-inject? Hang? Draw & quarter?
2005-03-1546blindsamthe most stable platform for the salon industry
2005-03-043PostroadPossible suspect ID'd
"deleted for the WTF? aspect, but using the words ""hat tip"" should be a paddlin'"
2005-01-2612mcgrawChimps Fair As Humans? Heh.
eight word post, one of them your own username? wtf?
2004-12-2027Hands of ManosSatan Claus
2004-10-2139reklawUS election
2004-08-308PostroadNov. 13, 2001 Air Crash over New York Was Work of Al Qaeda Suicide, Says Canadian Intelligence
2004-08-136PostroadPBS Adds Insult to Injury
linking to someone's MT install? wtf?
2004-05-140tbcStumbleUpon One Year Later
wtf? is this an ad or what? and a self-link no less! From a christian marketer! this is a joke, right?
2004-01-132PostroadPillow talk with Laura Bush
crazy op-ed where mexicans = palestinians? wtf?
2003-08-0939RubberHenFish Story
2003-02-208sgt.serenityIraq : The Final Word
saddam? gay dinner party? wtf?
2002-12-264folktrasha really great internet filter site