Find posts in MetaFilter where the deletion reason contains "Xtranormal".

2011-10-286edgewaysBehavior Analyst vs. Staff
"I think xtranormal as a delivery channel for content is pretty much one of the circles of hell at this point. -- cortex"
2011-09-075ga4ryGive me a plastic bag full of plastic bags.
"Nothing personal but we have a hardline ""no xtranormal"" policy here. -- jessamyn"
2010-12-229three blind miceI was so baked I thought the Nationals just wanted my autograph.
Yeah, I think it's time to call xtranormal videos an overplayed thing for MeFi. -- mathowie
2010-11-1927marxchivistWhy You Shouldn't Become an Archivist
I think these xtranormal videos are kind of played out. -- mathowie
2010-11-152knzKeep this away from the children!
This post reads more like a personal editorial statement than really makes sense for the front page, setting aside the question of whether six and a half minutes of deadpan xtranormal speech synthesis is a good way to present information. --